Teddy was a small brown toy bear. He belonged to a little girl called Noodles. Well,  that is what her dad called her. She never was sure why he chose that name, but she liked it, and she felt special when he did. Teddy had soft brown fur, except for the ends of his paws, which were almost white. He had pleasant gold eyes, which he never shut, a black nose, and a small red tongue. Noodles could not remember being without Teddy; he was her childhood best friend.

Sometimes Teddy would be dressed in fine doll clothes. He often went outside to play. One day, he was fortunate enough to go to school with Noodles. He had never seen so many children. He was able to stay at Noodles’ desk and avoid the stuffy coat rack and book shelves. By sitting at the desk, Teddy was able to see all the children and watch the teacher as she spoke all morning. He learned so very much! At recess, he was so excited to go down the slide. At first he was frightened, because there were so many steps going to the top, but after reassurance from Noodles, he was brave enough to even go down the tall slide by himself! He was so happy, and what fun he had that day with all the children! He imagined that all of them surely loved to go to school!

Noodles loved Teddy. She took him to many different places. He was very special among her many toys, but he still had to share play time with Barbie, Stick Horse, and all the plastic farm animals. They spent hours playing in the warm sun, and many nights night Teddy would sleep at the foot of the bed guarding Noodles while she slept.

As years passed, Teddy was still with Noodles. Life became busy for her, so they were not able to spend as much time together, but he was always there for her. This was sad for Teddy. One day, Noodles had a special surprise for him. He had spent most of his time in a very special child size rocking chair. Mostly made of wood, the chair had endured time. This chair was very special to Noodles because it belonged to her mother when she was a child. The original seat was long gone from the rocking chair; it had been replaced by Noodles grandmother and great grandmother. They took strings that were used to tie up bales of hay and wove them in a pattern to form a comfortable seat. The edges of the top were worn to angles because her younger twin brothers would turn the rocking chair upside down and push it to learn how to walk.  Teddy stayed  in this chair for a long time, until Noodles brought his surprise. This day, she moved Teddy to one side of the special little chair and placed a beautiful pink bear beside him! Teddy was so happy!

Teddy and Pink Bear spent years together in Noodles room sitting in that chair, but when Noodles was gone one day a terrible thing happened. A small blonde curly haired dog went into the room and grabbed Teddy. He began to chew on his soft brown fur, slinging him from side to side! Teddy tried to resist, but the dog’s bite was too strong. Pink Bear cried out in horror as the dog flung Teddy about. Luckily, Teddy was rescued. Although it took many stitches to put him back together, he survived the ordeal. A little misshapen and aged, Teddy is still loved by Noodles and Pink Bear. He still resides in Noodles’ room with Pink Bear at his side.

Carol McGill (PD Constituent)
Feet to the Fire – Evansville submission
April 23, 2019


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