Parkinson’s Thanksgiving

Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 11/23/2018)

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and family. I just wanted to share one special Parkinson’s “thanks”. I’ve heard this sentiment expressed in a variety of ways but they all have the same meaning. While none of us are thankful that we have PD, we are all thankful for the special people who have become part of our lives through Parkinson’s. I have made so many new friends that are sharing my Parkinson’s. I am extremely grateful to have you all in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving all.


  1. Not PD, but I was told, as if it were a comfort, “she won’t die from cancer.” All I could think was this dr didn’t care.

  2. Yeah. It doesn’t really matter to the patient or their family. All we know is that we are losing someone we love and it really doesn’t matter what the doctor says. The hurt is real. The hurt is deep.

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