Jim Bradshaw’s message to his fellow Warriors

A great message from our battlin’ Brit – Jim Bradshaw.

Good afternoon fellow warriors. I hope your day is going as well as can be hoped. Here in Kentucky we are enjoying a (brief) respite from the heat and humidity, it was 67 F when I took Bess (the dog) for a walk – or rather she took me. It is a source of never-ending frustration to me that, as a former Paratrooper used to marching 10-20 miles in full kit and as a former Marathon runner and Biathlete, I can only manage about 2 miles in my walks, However, I am thankful that I CAN walk that 2 miles. I am determined to be positive and do the things I can do and to Heck with the ones I cannot. For the first time ever, I had to pay someone to put down mulch in the garden beds. That was a wakeup call. Some one recently posted that he was disturbed at so many negative postings in this group and compared our lives with PD to those of disabled children that he teaches, I do not think that is a fair comparison. I admire the kids with disabilities who work so hard to overcome their predicaments. However, for recently diagnosed with PD people it is a cataclysmic life changing event and rather than keep all their frustrations and fears inside this site gives our fellow warriors the opportunity to vent to people who understand and to get advice from fellow warriors. Long may it be so. I get inspiration from your posts and my heart and prayers go out to those who are not able to cope as some of us are. Some have no care giver so rely on this site for support. I believe this site acts wonderfully as a surrogate care giver. The vital thing is to keep fighting, stay positive and enjoy every minute of your life you can. I know it is hard but attitude and exercise are two of the main ingredients to living a good (new normal) life with PD. I recently read sone articles, based on research in Israel, which suggested a sweetener for diabetics called Mannitol could assist in the absorption of the levodopa in the digestive tract and can alleviate some of the PD symptoms. I confess I did not understand a fair bit of the articles, but as Mannitol is approved by the FDA as a food supplement, I have set out on a non-clinical trial by taking a heaping teaspoon of Mannitol in my morning cup of Joe. Today was the first day. It tastes OK and has no side effects so I have nothing to lose by starting the trial. I will keep posting any updates good or bad. Keep fighting my fellow PD warriors, stay positive and YOU can live well.

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