Wherefores and Whys – a Tribute to Sonny Prentice by Steve Walsh

I stopped in at the PSCKY office last week to see how Erika was doing with the move and to scavenge any supplies we might be able to use for our TKO boxing class. Ever the organizer Erika had already sorted everything into 3 categories – Keep, Sell and Toss/Recycle. In fact, the Recycler was busy hauling old documents, folders, mailers, etc. out to his truck while I was there. As I looked over the “Sell” items a CD case caught my eye. Imagine my surprise to see that it was a CD from our own Sonny Prentice entitled Sunset at Kalaloch!

I knew Sonny was a musician and I had been asking around the PD community if anyone knew where I could hear some of Sonny’s music. Ann Pifer remembered that Sonny played in a band called Ten Penny Bit and found a CD from them as well. But today I want to talk about Sunset at Kalaloch. I want to touch on 3 selections in particular. I picked these 3 because for those of us with movement orders like PD these 3 have particular meaning. It seems as if in recording these tracks Sonny was foreshadowing not only his life but ours as well.

Wherefores and the Whys.
Come on now be honest. Who among us hasn’t asked “Why”. Why did I have to have PD? What did I do to deserve this illness? This Gordon Lightfoot tune comes as close to an answer as anyone has.

“Then all at once it came to me, I saw the wherefore
And you can see it if you try
It’s in the sun above, it’s in the one you love
You’ll never know the reason why.”

The song concludes while there’s much to lose in this life there is also “So much to gain.”

I see our folks working hard every day to focus not on what they have lost, but on what they have to gain and I am inspired to do the same.

A Good Woman’s Love.
I challenge anyone out there that knows Sonny and Joanie to listen to this tune without tearing up or flat out bawling. It can’t be done. It’s not just about Sonny and Joanie though. Its about all of us – man, woman, straight, gay, whatever. We all yearn for that connection and once we find it we need to nurture and treasure it. There is nothing more precious in this life.

You Don’t Knock.
If the PSCKY had a theme song this would be it. In fact, I move that “You Don’t Knock” be designated as the official PSCKY theme song. All in favor – AYE! All opposed (crickets). Motion carried. The theme is that all are welcome here. You don’t need to knock because the door is wide open. You just walk on in. We have plenty of love and joy to share.

So here’s a big Thank You to Sonny for sharing his love, joy and music with us all. Check out the selections below to see what I’m talking about.



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