The Photograph Chapter 1 by Steve Walsh

The Photograph

Over fifty years. More than half a century. What began as a seemingly simple writing assignment had morphed into an introspective look at my life. So many memories. How could I pick just one? Baby pictures, school pictures, graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and on and on. Every time I thought I had reached a decision I would find another. I finally had to step away from looking at photos to clear my head. I repeated this process several times.

On my last break from my photo search, I clicked on Facebook. As is often the case a photo appeared with the caption “7 years ago today”. It was a simple photo that I had seen many times before. It was a photo of me and my wife, Terry, Terry’s brother Jeff and our friends Rick and Mary Kay outside our home in Michigan. Terry’s sister Paula was the photographer. It was an overcast fall day but we were all enjoying being together.

As I stated earlier, I had seen this photo many times before but today I saw it in a different light. What I saw was a group of family and friends who gave up their weekend and drove over 600 miles round trip just to spend a few hours with us. It reminded me that we are truly blessed with a wonderful network of family and friends.

Could it be this easy? I had been searching through all these photos of big life moments searching for some deep revelation only to have Facebook drop the answer in my lap. Then I paused. It wasn’t that easy. I had to sift through all the big life moments to realize that while it is important to remember and celebrate our big life moments, it is equally important to enjoy and appreciate the simple everyday moments in our life.

So no more questions. I accept this serendipitous sign from the universe (via Facebook) that I should treat each day as the wondrous adventure it is. You are all welcome to join me.



Putting the photos back in the albums and boxes. That one with the wedding pictures. This one goes in the Greece album. This one……oh my god. How did I miss this one? It’s just as well. Just looking at it now brings tears to my eyes. There’s no way I could speak to the group about this one without breaking down. Maybe later. If I do we will definitely need a bigger box of Kleenex.

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