The Photograph Chapter 2 Our 19 Ounce Miracle

Photograph Chapter 2  – Our 19 Ounce Miracle

After giving it some thought I decided to reveal my mystery photograph that I mentioned in the postscript of Chapter 1. This is the final week of our workshop and I didn’t think it would be fair to leave the group hanging. Here we go.

I’ve tried many times to describe the emotions I feel when I look at these photos. When I first saw them ten years ago I remember feelings of fear and helplessness. When I look at them today I am overcome with feelings of love and pride. The first photo is one of the first taken of our grandson Liam. He was born ten weeks premature and weighed 19 ounces at birth. That’s our son Michael’s wedding band around Liam’s wrist.

The more I tried to put my feelings into words the more I struggled. The words were simply inadequate. In the end, I concluded that more words would simply get in the way. I decided to try writing a haiku.

The choice of a haiku may seem strange, especially to those who know me. In the past, I’ve had a kind of WTF reaction to haikus. However in this case I felt I needed the strict structure requirements and the bare simplicity demanded of a Haiku.  I believe this structure offered me the best chance to answer the following question.

What do you see when you look at this photograph?

Two Strong Men

I see two strong men

Bound together forever

Never letting go

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