Your Parkinson’s Voice (Essays)

This is a collection of essays talking about the experience of Parkinson’s.

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  • Walker, Texas Ranger….the Start and End of My Acting Career By Dennis Whittington

    Walker, Texas Ranger….the Start and End of My Acting Career
    By Dennis Whittington

    When our family moved to Texas in 1997, I was a bit lost while my wife was busy working and the kids were in school. The Dallas Morning News had an article one day about the need for extras on Walker, Texas Ranger (you know, the one with Chuck Norris – the real Walker). You were told to bring a business ... Read more...

  • The Photograph Chapter 1 by Steve Walsh

    The Photograph

    Over fifty years. More than half a century. What began as a seemingly simple writing assignment had morphed into an introspective look at my life. So many memories. How could I pick just one? Baby pictures, school pictures, graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and on and on. Every time I thought I had reached a decision I would find another. I finally had to step away from looking at photos to clear ... Read more...

  • I’ve Got 5 Pockets by Steve Walsh

    I’ve got 5 Pockets by Steve Walsh

    When we received our assignment to write a letter to someone, my first thought was one of déjà vu. It seemed like I had completed the assignment before I received it. As I thought about it further that is exactly what happened. Here’s a little background.

    I collect old LPs. Most of the ones I have are from the 60’s and 70’s. The other ... Read more...

  • My Life on the Great Lakes by Clinton Davis Gray

    Like some young adults I didn’t know where I wanted to be, I just knew I didn’t want to be where I was and that was in that old country town called Eddyville where I landed after I ran out of college money. Fortunately, for me, they taught principles there and as a maturing adult I continue to drift back toward those principles.
    I wanted to see the world and being a sailor ... Read more...

  • For My Children’s Children by Bob Schack

    I enjoy reminiscing about the past. Lately I’ve been browsing through binders and bins of old photos. I’m searching for a memory – an image of something significant and meaningful. Inspiration of a sort that will spark my creativity and ignite me with new-found enthusiasm! It seems I’m in a bit of a slump. We are living through very difficult times. At this moment in history, ... Read more...

  • Parkinson’s Thanksgiving

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 11/23/2018)

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and family. I just wanted to share one special Parkinson’s “thanks”. I’ve heard this sentiment expressed in a variety of ways but they all have the same meaning. While none of us are thankful that we have PD, we are all thankful for the special people who have become part of our lives through ... Read more...

  • Parkinson’s Pet Peeve #2 – Nobody DIes From Parkinson’s

    Parkinson’s Pet Peeve #2 – Nobody dies from Parkinson’s Disease

    Steve Walsh 12/15/19

    If you have been a PWP (person with Parkinson’s) or a caregiver for any length of time you have likely heard that nobody dies from Parkinson’s Disease (PD). In my case I first heard this phrase from my neurologist when he delivered my diagnosis. I suppose it was meant to be comforting but it wasn’t. Another phrase you are apt to hear ... Read more...

  • A Change in my Life

    A Change in My Life

    Steve Walsh 11/24/2019

    Its that time of year again. The days are getting shorter. The leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are getting colder. It’s November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For some Thanksgiving means parades, football on TV, and turkey dinner. Others may view it as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Whatever it means ... Read more...

  • But you look good – A Parkinson’s Pet Peeve

    But you look good – A Parkinson’s Pet Peeve

    Steve Walsh 9/27/19

    If you’ve been a PWP (Person with Parkinson’s) for any length of time you most likely have heard something like this –“Sorry to hear you have Parkinson’s, but hey, you look good”. The first time you hear it you’re taken aback. You wonder what they were expecting you to look like. As you continue to hear it you may think to yourself “If ... Read more...

  • The Honeymoon is over

    The Honeymoon is Over

    Steve Walsh 9/24/19

    One of the first things I learned upon receiving my Parkinson’s diagnosis is that there is a period of time following diagnosis that is frequently referred to as the Honeymoon period. My understanding of the Honeymoon period is that during this period the patient’s symptoms are reasonably well managed with medication while allowing the patient to continue to maintain their lifestyle. Depending upon a ... Read more...

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