Your Parkinson’s Voice (Essays)

This is a collection of essays talking about the experience of Parkinson’s.

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  • But you look good – A Parkinson’s Pet Peeve

    But you look good – A Parkinson’s Pet Peeve

    If you’ve been a PWP (Person with Parkinson’s) for any length of time you most likely have heard something like this –“Sorry to hear you have Parkinson’s, but hey, you look good”. The first time you hear it you’re taken aback. You wonder what they were expecting you to look like. As you continue to hear it you may think to yourself “If you only ... Read more...

  • The Honeymoon is over

    The Honeymoon is Over

    One of the first things I learned upon receiving my Parkinson’s diagnosis is that there is a period of time following diagnosis that is frequently referred to as the Honeymoon period. My understanding of the Honeymoon period is that during this period the patient’s symptoms are reasonably well managed with medication while allowing the patient to continue to maintain their lifestyle. Depending upon a variety of factors such ... Read more...

  • My First Five Years

    Steve Walsh

    My First Five Years

    It hardly seems possible. It was 5 years ago during our annual family vacation in the UP that I first heard the words “I think you have Parkinson’s”. It was our daughter Jessica (a nurse) who diagnosed my Parkinson’s simply by watching me walk. Jessie lives in Utah and had not seen me since Christmas. The changes that were so subtle and gradual to me were glaring to her. ... Read more...

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