Your Parkinson’s Voice (Essays)

This is a collection of essays talking about the experience of Parkinson’s.

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  • My PD Story – Chapter 6 A Fighter’s Prayer

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 11/11/2018)

    Note : The version below is as originally posted on GiveGab. The title and first line was eventually changed as follows.

    Title is now “A Warrior’s Fight”.

    The first line is now “I’m a Parkinson’s Warrior.”

    Like many PD patients I frequently have trouble sleeping. I usually don’t have trouble falling to sleep but I often wake up in the wee hours and am unable ... Read more...

  • My PD Story – Chapter 5 “Good News/Bad News”

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 10/27/2018)

    I’m sure we have all been in a situation where we have been presented with the following. “I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first?” Sometimes the good news and the bad news are the same.  For example, many of us PD patients have heard the following. “The bad news is you have Parkinson’s. The good ... Read more...

  • My PD Story -Chapter 4 The Journey Continues

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 9/8/2018)

    Before I get too far in my PD Story I need to let you know what to expect as we go forward. The first thing I need to point out is that I will be posting these reflections on a stream of consciousness basis. When things pop into my head that I want or need to share I’ll attempt to capture them ... Read more...

  • My PD Story – Chapter 1 The Diagnosis

    Steve Walsh (originally posted to GiveGab 9/3/2018)

    It was late summer 2014. I had already begun counting the days to my retirement in November. A few weeks earlier during a family vacation our daughter (an RN) Jessie had spotted the symptoms – shuffling gait, left arm not swinging as I walked –  and suggested I might have Parkinson’s Disease. Now I was sitting in the neurologist’s office ... Read more...

  • My PD Story – Chapter 2 Navigating the Stages of Grief

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 9/3/2018)

    People often compare receiving a life altering diagnosis with losing a loved one. In a sense that is exactly what has happened. The patient and their loved ones have lost their “pre-PD” family member or friend and despite their best efforts that person is not coming back. The question then becomes how do we move forward.

    There are several models outlining ...

  • My PD Story – Chapter 3 The Caregiver

    Steve Walsh (originally posted on GiveGab 9/3/2018)

    The PSCKY is celebrating Caregivers during the month of September so I thought I would share my thoughts on the Caregiver’s role. In the fight against PD it is impossible to overstate the importance of the Caregiver. Words cannot adequately explain the Caregiver’s contribution to not only the patient but to the patient’s circle of family and friends. They provide physical and ... Read more...

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