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Your Voice is a forum for letters or articles submitted to the Parkinson Center by people in the Parkinson’s community. When we are passed on informative articles or experiences, we will post it here. Please add your thoughts and comments!


  • Start Spreading the News

    Start Spreading the News by Steve Walsh

    After reading Bill Reed’s account of his travels to China I was reminded of my business trips to Japan in the early 90’s. At the time I was working for Mazda in what would later become a Ford/Mazda joint venture. As part of the JV we conducted semi-annual business meetings (1 in the US and 1 in Japan) where we negotiated roles and responsibilities, as well as ... Read more...

  • The King of the Cowboys by Dennis Whittington


    My Meeting with the “King of the Cowboys”

    By: Dennis Whittington

    A few months ago our friend, Steve Walsh, started this journalistic endeavor to help PD patients hold onto our fleeting memories and share some of the best ones with our friends. I wrote about my meeting with former President Ronald Reagan and actor, Jimmy Stewart. After I finished that article, however, I realized there was another ... Read more...

  • Living in Malaysia



    My husband, Larry, was a professor at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany for thirty-five years. In the fall of 1987, he came home and asked if I would like to live in Malaysia for a year. (If you can remember, this was a time when very few people had a home computer, cell phones had not been introduced, and most people had very limited geographical knowledge about our world.) ... Read more...

  • My China Adventure by Bill Reed

    My China Adventure by Bill Reed

    I made my first trip to China in the late 1980’s as a retail buyer. In 2004 I started my own company with a Taiwanese partner named Archie, who I had a relationship with as a buyer from previous business dealings. He owned a furniture factory in China. We developed a ... Read more...

  • Meeting the Gipper by Dennis Whittington

    Meeting the Gipper
    by Dennis Whittington
    When I was a young journalist, Ronald Reagan came to town as he campaigned for the 1976 presidential election. Standing on the town square in Lenoir, NC the sun ... Read more...
  • My Lunch with Mr. Tiger by Steve Walsh

                                        Lunch with Mr. Tiger
    It was a cold February day in Batavia Ohio. Piles of snow ringed the parking lots outside the Ford transmission plant where I worked as a perishable tooling analyst. It could have been just another late winter’s day but ... Read more...

  • First Day of Meeting My Teacher

    David Schimmell
    Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshop – Evansville
    March 17, 2019


    Before I tell you about my first day of school, I’d like to tell you about the first day I met my teacher. Having a week or so before school would begin, the first graders “to be” were getting registered in the school cafeteria of Christ the King Parochial School. Once that was taken care of, Mom and I walked up ... Read more...

  • Cats and Dogs

    William R. Penland
    Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshop – Evansville
    April 14, 2019

    As a child growing up in southern Ohio I lived in an area of farms and fields. The town of Lucasville, Ohio, is in the valley of the Scioto River about 10 miles north of its confluence with the Ohio. We hadn’t lived in our new house for too long before my father decided to get us a dog. I ... Read more...

  • The Red Box

    Barbara Hinton
    Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshop – Evansville
    April 11, 2019

    David was going to be away from home for several hours, giving me the opportunity I needed to explore the BIG storage room, completely unsupervised!  For days, my curiosity had run rampant trying to guess what I would have stored in such an inconvenient spot. The intriguing red box was only recently revealed when David moved a larger container that had hidden ... Read more...

  • Teddy


    Teddy was a small brown toy bear. He belonged to a little girl called Noodles. Well,  that is what her dad called her. She never was sure why he chose that name, but she liked it, and she felt special when he did. Teddy had soft brown fur, except for the ends of his paws, which were almost white. He had pleasant gold eyes, which he never shut, a black nose, and a ... Read more...

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