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Your Voice is a forum for letters or articles submitted to the Parkinson Center by people in the Parkinson’s community. When we are passed on informative articles or experiences, we will post it here. Please add your thoughts and comments!


  • Curt and Bok-Soon Continued Chapter 2

    Our Story
    Curt and Bok-Soon Continued

    Chapter 2

    About seven (7) years ago, during our daily walk, I noticed that occasionally my left foot would scuff the pavement. This occurred more predominantly when I became a little tired. During a scheduled visit to our family doctor, I mentioned this to him, and he suggested that I have a brain MRI just to ... Read more...

  • Gift from the Thief

    By Sharon Bowers

    After being in a place where I had everything in order, I became angry and depressed because the thief, Parki, stole my confident self. All I could think about was how bad this feels . . . on so many levels.

    Fast forward nearly two years. Wow! The lessons I have learned and soaked in feels like a bubble bath calming my whole being.  In my quieter, slower paced life, I realize ... Read more...

  • The Thief of My Confidence

    By Sharon Bowers

    Phones ringing, files waiting, patients checking in, charts being reviewed, doctors requesting things, cards copying, machines buzzing, and myself running never sitting is a typical day of my life at the office where I work.  The stress level is high and intense as I juggle the doctor’s schedules, the appointments for medical tests, insurance verifications, nurses’ letters and test results.

    Whew! That was a glimpse of my former work life! At the ... Read more...

  • Ready to Stop Feeling Guilty?

    By Elaine K Sanchez

    Have you ever felt guilty for taking a break from your duties as a caregiver? If so, you are not alone. According to a survey of 1,000 caregivers, 54% stated they felt guilty when they spent time doing something for themselves.*

    I received an email from a woman a few weeks ago whose husband had just died. He’d had ALS, and during the last three years of his life, he couldn’t ... Read more...

  • I have Parkinson’s – Genevieve White

    It is so sad that even today the medical world does not recognize signs of Parkinson’s. Early detection is so important! If I only knew then what I know now; studies have shown that exercise is so important to the disease and slows the progression.

    Family and friends early on (late 40’s) started to notice that something was wrong with me. I will never forget my Aunt Lois saying, Genny the doctors are not ... Read more...

  • Why Am I Angry? Let Me Count the Ways!

    By Elaine K Sanchez

    When my friend Emma told me that her husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, my heart sank. We agreed to meet for breakfast. When we sat down, I put a large manilla envelope on the table. She said, “What’s that?”

    When I explained that it was filled with wonderful information and resources for people who were living with Parkinson’s Disease, she pushed it away and said, “This is Ted’s disease. It’s ... Read more...

  • Shaking Up Awareness – Essential Tremors

    My head started shaking at 11. I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors (ET) at 13; I am now 25. Growing up with ET has not been the easiest journey to say the least. Simple activities like eating, studying, dressing and watching TV have become strenuous and painful. My tremors, which started at my head, have spread into my vocal chords, down to my shoulders, hands, and legs.

    I receive regular Botox injections in my ...

  • Feet to the Fire Writer’s Workshop

    Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops is happy to be able to offer a 6-week workshop at the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana, beginning on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

    Designed to engage members in  cognitive-rich prompted writing exercises each week, Feet to the Fire offers a perfect learning opportunity to spark memory and capture your authentic stories.

    Writing is one of the most expressive art forms and for people it’s a wonderful way to access ... Read more...

  • Tony Garrett – Evansville

    Tony began having tremors in his 20’s.  He had his suspicions but didn’t secure a diagnosis until more than a decade later — Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, or YOPD.  Tony and his family had so many questions but even after multiple trips to Vanderbilt University hoping for answers, Vanderbilt could not give Tony the answers he needed.

    Tony started a website to help everyone – from those just diagnosed to those who have suffered ... Read more...

  • The Greatest – written by John Baumann

    As Muhammad Ali was (in)famous for saying, “I am the Greatest.” Pretty bold statement from definitely a bold individual. And he did not limit it to boxing.

    As to being born “the greatest,” I imagine that he would have said that he had the raw talent inside him, but he definitely needed to learn the skill of boxing.

    Ali fought in the amateur ranks for 105 fights (100 – 5). He had paid the price ... Read more...

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